Law Enforcement and Road User Behaviour

We want greater awareness and enforcement of the dangerous overtaking offence, and a mandatory passing distance of 1.5m. We are working for more widespread 30km/h speed limits and a much better enforcement of urban speed limits.

RESPECT Initiative is endorsed by major players

Dublin Cycling Campaign have been working assiduously over the past year and more to agree a major RESPECT campaign for all road users with Dublin City Council. This initiative aims to improve road users behaviour to each other, to be more respectful, and to recognise the ‘duty of care’ that we all have to each other. It focusses on the behaviour of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle drivers emphasising the interdependency between us all.

One in Six Give up Cycling in Dublin as a Result of Bike Theft, Finds Survey of 1,500 People

A survey by Dublin Cycling Campaign shows that one in 6 people who have had a bicycle stolen do not return to cycling, and a further 26% reduce their cycling habits as a result of theft. It is estimated that 20,000+ bikes are stolen annually in Dublin alone, a 100% increase since 2008. This could mean that over 3,000 people stop cycling each year in Dublin due to bike theft, and possibly a further 5,000 reduce the amount they cycle as a result of bike theft.

Get Writing! - Get Active!

We want you to have your own voice on cycling related schemes! We in the Cycling Campaign submit our views on schemes, and regularly meet with agencies and Local Authorities, to put forward our views. But you as an individual can also have your say! It is important that we all work together, in the hope of ensuring that what gets planned is of good quality.

Request for more appropriate Road Traffic Collision reporting

We are requesting that a more appropriate Road Traffic Collision reporting when it comes to the standard of wording used when reporting road traffic collisions between vulnerable users and motor vehicles. There is a need for a shift to move our minds away from a victim view of collisions in order to look more appropriately at where collisions come from in our society.

The current practice sees headlines such as;

“Cyclist in his 40s killed in morning collision with van”, Irish Independent, 17 Oct 2015

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Road Safety Plan. Campaign Submissions

Dublin Cycling Campaign and An Taisce/ made two submissions in regard to the draft Road Safety Plan of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.

Overall we think the proposed actions in the Road Safety Plan could go much further to make the public roads of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown (DLR) County safe places in which to cycle and walk - both in terms of absolute collision and (serious) casualty numbers, but also in terms of how safe cyclists and pedestrians feel.

See attached submissions.


Help us do more for cycling in Dublin, please consider getting involved.

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