National and Local Authority Policy

We continue to meet with and lobby the government for the implementation of the National Cycling Policy Framework Document - which is a wide ranging document with clear objectives and suggestions as to how to increase cyclist numbers and the benefits this will bring to Dublin City. We have representatives on transport strategic planning committees in Dublin City Council. Council Meeting

Dublin Cycling Campaign is one of many cycle advocacy groups making up the Irish Cycling Advocacy Network, This Saturday 12th March these groups are coming together for the first all island meeting of 2016. There will be representatives from all 4 corners of our island. For cycling advocates there are many interesting topics on the table, including:

RESPECT Initiative is endorsed by major players

Dublin Cycling Campaign have been working assiduously over the past year and more to agree a major RESPECT campaign for all road users with Dublin City Council. This initiative aims to improve road users behaviour to each other, to be more respectful, and to recognise the ‘duty of care’ that we all have to each other. It focusses on the behaviour of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle drivers emphasising the interdependency between us all.


Help us do more for cycling in Dublin, please consider getting involved.

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